Freelance Writing

Ok, so here goes the shameless plug. I’m a freelance writer. And I work as a contractor on Elance.

Web pages, Facebook posts, blog posts and more – I mostly support other female entrepreneurs behind the scenes so they can create positive change by focussing on what they do best.

If you feel a connection to me or my writing style, and have a project that would benefit from a professional writer who will treat the work with care, hire me.

Note that I am picky about the work I take on. That’s the benefit of being a freelancer after all.

I believe that writing is powerful, so I choose to use my skills in ways that support people and projects I can buy into. Read more about my thoughts on this here. A good fit between writer and client also creates better results – we can work in the flow!

Still interested in collaborating? Read what other clients have said about my work, see more samples of my writing, and send me an invite to write for you – all on my Elance profile.