About: Marla Hunter-Bellavia

I am a seeker – my quest is to live a life of purpose, meaning, authenticity and inner peace. On this journey, my work is to stay present, be grateful and remain open to possibilities as my authentic path unfolds.

Writing has been a very powerful tool for me over the years. My desire is to use it in service, sharing my experience with a broader community of readers in order to create positive change in the world – from the inside out.

Through this blog, I invite you to join me. I am hopeful that some of my ponderings and the resources that have been helpful to me along the way will also support you in your own journey.

In light,

Blog header photo: I took this picture years ago while walking along Chesterman Beach in Tofino, British Columbia. Normally I would spend my time looking out onto the ocean. But that time, I was drawn to the entrance through the trees into an unknown space behind. It intrigued me. I chose this image for the blog because it represents my journey within to the deeper parts of myself that are calling for my attention.

Bio: Originally from Ontario, Canada, Marla Hunter-Bellavia is now inspired and nurtured by the rhythms of the west coast. Time for puttering and pondering is a priority, often resulting in some form of creative change. This is reflected in her writing and facilitation, as Marla aspires to share her gifts in ways that expand possibilities and promote authentic action. Marla’s journey is to live her truth and in so doing, encourage others to do the same.

Contact her at Ocean Spirit Communications or Wise Introvert.