Posted by: MarlaHB | April 29, 2014

I Am a Proud Introvert

proud introvert

Yes, I am a proud introvert. At one point in my life I’m not sure I would have said that. It’s been an interesting journey. My last post was about putting new ideas and projects into motion. And that’s what I’ve done. I’ve added Wise Introvert coaching to my portfolio. Come on over and check it out.

Deep down and from a very young age, I felt full of possibilities – greatness even. Yet, as I grew older, I found myself comparing my energy levels, social interactions, and accomplishments to others. It was easy to find examples of how I just didn’t measure up or belong.

It wasn’t until middle age when I started to understand that there wasn’t actually anything wrong with me that needed to be fixed.

Also, I didn’t really want to play the game that was being offered up as representing success. Nonconformist at heart I guess.

Introversion is still extremely misunderstood, despite clearly helpful books like Quiet by Susan Cain and Introvert Power by Laurie Helgoe.  And it’s actually more common than we have been made to believe. In fact, many of the people we consider leaders or visibly successful in their careers, are introverts. That’s all to say, introversion has nothing to do with shyness.

My recent work has kept me quite hidden behind the scenes. Copywriting (mostly ghost writing) for female entrepreneurs has been extremely interesting and rewarding. So I’ll continue to do it. Yet, as I began to envision developing my business further, I realized that there’s a part of me that is ready to become more visible again.

As a creative entrepreneur, I am my business.

Wise Introvert is about serving; using what I have experienced and ‘figured out’ to help other introverts create happier lives that feel like a better ‘fit’ for them too.

Kudos to two special groups of people (mostly other amazing female entrepreneurs) for supporting me on this journey: Christine Kane – Uplevel Your Business, and Jennifer Lee – Right Brain Business.

To all you fellow introverts, embrace the unique strengths and creative ideas you have to share, get unstuck from the mental chatter that has been weighing you down, and take inspired action to Love Life, Do Good, and Prosper!

And if you need support along the way, trust that it is safe to reach out.

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