Posted by: MarlaHB | January 24, 2014

How to Turn Wishes Into Reality in 2014

Dr. Wayne Dyer, Wishes Fulfilled presentation on PBS

If you would like to accomplish something you must first expect it from yourself.

As the month of January quickly comes to an end, hopefully you have put some new positive habits into action to align with your wishes for 2014. If you chose a word of the year like I did (mine is vivacious), you may be discovering creative ways to experience more of the feelings you desire. Need some motivation to keep you going? Watch this Wayne Dyer talk that I came across recently while watching late night TV.

In this presentation for PBS, Dr. Dyer discusses the concepts of his book, Wishes Fulfilled. It’s a bit like Law of Attraction with an emphasis on not only imagining, but truly feeling, the ideal life that you wish to create. He talks about connecting to your highest self.

The quote above really struck me. It was the “expect it from yourself” that had the most impact. Because, to me, that’s a lot different than simple positive thinking and hoping. Expect. That requires a stepping up; a heightened commitment.

If you expect the manifestation of your wishes as a result of your own self, there is no room for doubt. You must believe with all your body, mind and soul that, not only do you deserve it, you can handle anything that comes your way in the process of receiving it. Your active participation is necessary. Powerful stuff.

Dyer recommends:

  • Speak of your wishes in the present tense as if they already exist in your life, using the statement, “I Am…” I am well. I am my ideal body weight. I am grateful to be surrounded by such beauty.
  • Your wish must feel natural to you. My take on this is that it must feel authentic, not superficial and ego-driven.
  • Don’t let anyone or anything (including your own ego, past experience, or naysayers who are trying to help you face reality) take you off track from knowing that your deepest wishes can and will be fulfilled if you do the work to first imagine and feel them.

Another quick take away from Dyer’s presentation:

  • Instead of worrying, rehashing the pains of the day, and reviewing the “to do list” for tomorrow, spend the last five minutes before you fall asleep imagining and feeling exactly what it is that you desire. See it and feel it as if it’s already happening. Send your most authentic wishes off to the universe to be fulfilled.

Wishes fulfilled. Don’t we all want that? The first part is to take responsibility for naming our wishes, imagine them in all their creative detail, feel them as if they were already real, change our self-concept to allow prosperity in, and stay focussed. It’s about expecting it for and from ourselves. You can do it.


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