Posted by: MarlaHB | December 18, 2013

New Year Planning – Follow Desired Feelings

Truthbomb_414 from Danielle LaPorte

Truthbomb_414 from Danielle LaPorte

The end of another year is near and that means New Year planning for 2014. Resolutions? How about getting out of your head and into your deeper knowing to chart your desired path. Instead of thinking about what you want in 2014, tap into what it is that you want to feel. Then name it.

Last year, my New Year planning consisted of choosing a word of the year. I enjoyed the process and it did work for me. Yet, as I round out 2013, I feel that something deeper is missing. That’s probably because I overthink things. And when you overthink things, you can come up with as many logical or practical reasons to do something as to not do something. At some point you have to get out of your head.

As much as you want your choices to sound “true” and inspiring, you also want them to feel true and inspiring. It’s the juice that keeps you going. And this is what I think I forgot to include in my planning last year. When I came up with my word of the year, my intuition confirmed that it was a fit, but I didn’t go the extra step to really feel it. I was still in my head.

So that’s my plan. I’m going to choose a word of the year again using Christine Kane’s resources. But my word will describe and focus on my core desired feelings (Danielle LaPorte’s resources). Throughout the process, I’ll trust my intuition so that my New Year planning will be the authentic fuel I need to lead me through another great year.

I’m grateful for all that is within me and all that surrounds me. I have everything I need and more. With further clarity, my experience of this life can only be juicier.

Wishing you a full, authentic and juicy feeling 2014!



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