Posted by: MarlaHB | April 9, 2013

Exploration, Contrast, and the Art of Creating Your Authentic Life

“In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration.”  ~ Ansel Adams

Every day is an opportunity to explore, learn, and create. I find that the more diversity I experience, the better I am able to see contrast and use that contrast to more clearly identify what it is that I prefer. This has become a cycle of change and wisdom for me.

I find that my intuition, when I listen to it, leads me in the direction of the diversity that I need to experience at any given time.

I find that travel is one of my preferred methods for experiencing diversity. Somehow, experiencing the other invites me to experience my self.

And so the cycle goes. My exploration – sparked by my intuition – allows me to reflect on contrast (necessary for a great black and white photo) so that I can clarify my preferences and take action to create a life that is more in alignment with those preferences.

For me, it’s about wisdom and authentic living. I find that this ongoing process is how I make my life.

In this way, life is a creative act like art. Both require vulnerability. Neither come without risk.

How does exploration take form in your life?



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