Posted by: MarlaHB | February 4, 2013

When Words Aren’t Flowing, There’s Always Pinterest

Have you ever felt stuck for words, later to find the perfect image to communicate for you? I’ve realized that Pinterest is a way that people can get a feel for who you really are – without you having to say a word. In a sense, it can be a tool for personal branding.

As long as you pin images that truly speak to you (versus making strategic choices based on what you think should appear on your boards), Pinterest is an ideal tool for reflecting your authentic self. Plus, it can also be a powerful tool to help you feel happy and inspired toward authentic action.

After you have built your boards, take a look at them daily and you’ll just feel good. It’s like an online vision board that’s always in progress, clarifying who you are and what you desire as you add each image.

Being a visual person, I’ve found myself getting lost in images while I create boards that reflect my authenticity. I feel nurtured and inspired by the process. Whether you’ve read my blog posts or not, you’ll get a better sense of who I am by checking out my Pinterest boards:

I invite you to browse the images on Pinterest and create your own visual representation of your authentic self. You may be surprised at what you discover (or remember) about yourself. Perhaps the process will provide that bit of extra clarity you’ve been needing to live your best life. Give it a try.


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