Posted by: MarlaHB | January 30, 2013

Following Light Bulb Moments on the Happiness Path

I’m tingling with the excitement that a light bulb moment brings. Following an intuitive spark, I altered my routine which led me to hear a message that rang so true to me (despite the way I tend to operate in the world). The message, as I received it, is that heart-centered action is the path to happiness.

It’s no secret for people who know me that I spend a lot of time in my head, thinking and analyzing. That’s balanced by my absolute trust in my intuition. But feelings – well that’s not something I really tune into often. In fact, I’ve probably perceived feelings as weakness – vulnerability.

So I was surprised at my reaction when I was listening to Hay House Radio this morning. Actually, listening to the radio is not part of my routine – for some reason I just thought of it and decided to turn it on while I worked.

That’s when I heard “The Spirit Junkie” show, hosted by Gabrielle Bernstein. She was interviewing Danielle LaPorte who caught my undivided attention when she talked about desire and the importance of getting clarity on what she called our “core desired feelings”. Let’s just say that it struck me with a moment of discovery as if to say, “of course – that’s what I’ve been missing”.

“The essence of your desire is a feeling. You’re not chasing the goal itself. You’re chasing the feeling that you want when you get the goal.”

Danielle LaPorte, The Desire Map

I had never heard of either one of these women. For some reason I was meant to notice them today and receive a message. That message can help me to do what I seek to do – to live authentically on the happiness path. Because, to be authentic, you must embrace all parts of yourself. For me, that needs to include feeling.

So, I’m going to make an effort to get clear about how I want to feel. Once clear, these feelings, rather than external goals that are stereotypical of the symbols of success (one of mine is travel for example), can be the driving force of my action.

How do I want to feel? And will the action I’m considering taking help me to feel that way or not? If the desired feeling comes internally from a place of intuition and authenticity, can’t I trust that?

If you’re interested in more, check out Danielle’s website. I’m not purchasing anything, but I did sign up for her “daily truthbomb” and will borrow one of her books from my library. I figure a light bulb moment deserves further attention.

What about you? Any light bulb moments recently? Stay open and they’ll come.



  1. Great post.

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