Posted by: MarlaHB | January 14, 2013

Self Doubt Does Not Mean Stop

Has it crept in to challenge you yet? It’s mid-January and you’ve been focussing on your “word of the year” or trying to keep your resolutions – and there it is. Self-doubt. How do we move through it instead of letting it stop us in our tracks?


That persistent voice of doubt in our mind seems to always show up to challenge us when we’re moving along on the right track. In my last post, I wrote about my word of the year – Possibilities.


When I am open to possibilities: I cannot at the same time be wrapped up in negative thinking and self-doubt.


The thing is, it’s working. Great opportunities have come to me already this year. And, accepting them has pushed my comfort zone. As a result, now self-doubt has started to creep it’s way in. You may recognize it’s critical tone whispering, “Who do you think you are anyways – that’s out of your league.”


I’m trying not to believe it. The process of staying strong and true amongst the doubt is exhausting. Will the real me prevail?


Perhaps Plato’s words put the struggle into perspective:


“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark;

the real tragedy of life is when adults are afraid of the light.”


Yes, afraid of the light. When we take steps out of the comfort zone of our ‘small’ life and toward our ‘possibility’, it’s scary. So the voice of self-doubt is really trying to keep us safe. Safe in the smallness of our self-defined box.


But am I really helping myself, or anyone else by staying small? No. So what next? As long as I keep growing, that voice of self-doubt is likely to tag along for the ride. I won’t stop it. But I can move ahead despite it.


One of the simplest techniques I use is quotes.


  • Write them on recipe cards (lined 3×5) to post where you will see them often.


  • Set them as your computer background or screensaver. A friend sent me an image of Ganesha, the Hindu deity revered as Remover of Obstacles. The image is visible to me regularly (since I’m often on the laptop) and reminds me that “Many of the obstacles you once imagined are not even there”.


  • Find a website that offers daily quotes or regular posts that motivate you – and sign up to receive its content in your inbox.


By using quotes strategically, you can quickly shift your mind into remembering that self-doubt isn’t real. It’s just thought. So you can change your thought to something that will help you move despite the self-doubt – maybe not going as far as claiming self-confidence right away – but at least willing to take the risk and see what happens. Maybe that’s good enough.


What’s your favourite quote for pushing beyond self-doubt?  



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