Posted by: MarlaHB | December 31, 2012

Fine-Tuning With a “Word of the Year” vs. Resolution

The end of one year and the beginning of another seems to be a natural time to make changes. Like most of us, I have some fine-tuning that I want to do. What I want, however, is inspiration and lightness, not one more obligatory item on my ‘to do’ list. More than making a resolution, I’m selecting the one key motivational word of the year I want to focus on.

Fuelling my focus for 2013 is the word Possibilities.

Years ago, I made the decision to leave paid employment so I could have more energy for conscious parenting (I was too exhausted to excel at both simultaneously). Read more about it in my article published in Synergy Magazine.

Now, I’m feeling ready to switch gears again. My recent property-sitting trip to Mexico proved to me that my “little one” is independent and responsible enough to manage more without my constant availability. And I have dabbled in freelance writing enough to have great repeat clients who I love to work with. To date, I’ve approached this income as travel funds/fun money.

It’s time to kick it up a notch. While reflecting on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs recently (mentioned in the book I’m reading – Creating Magic in Midlife) it became clear to me that I need to get right back to basics. Financial independence. I’ve always believed it is important for women. I haven’t been living that belief.

So it’s time to commit to that part of me again. And I’m going to do it my way. I’m sticking with freelance writing and determined not to cave in to doing a job that requires me to put my mask and armour on to go to an office to work every day. I’ve done that. It’s not a good fit for me.

I need freedom and flexibility. I dream of doing my job from anywhere (preferably travelling occasionally to where it’s warm and sunny). I love diversity and challenge. I trust that opportunities will come to me, that I will recognize them, and that I will have the courage to accept when they do.

I could make financial independence my resolution. Instead, the word Possibilities resonates more for me. I have an intuitive knowing of what it means to me.

When I am open to possibilities:

• I cannot at the same time be wrapped up in negative thinking and self-doubt. This is a challenge for me. My mind can get the best of me at times for sure.

• I am more visible. As an introvert, being anonymous behind the scenes is my comfort zone. Being more visible will require risk.

• I let go of perfectionism. My desire to be exceptional may need to shift to occasionally being ok with competence and capability.

• I remain grounded in my values. Possibility for possibility’s sake is not enough. It must still fit with who I am and what I care about. I am confident that this will happen in 2013 as I take authentic actions.

• I welcome community. As an introvert, figuring out exactly where I belong has been challenging. In embracing possibilities, I will gain clarity and enhance my sense of community (even as I work from home). This will add to the depth I feel about the work that I do and the purpose that I serve.

• I embrace adventure. New places. New challenges. New skills. Bring it on! I’m ready.

As I focus on possibilities in these ways, I know that the work and money will follow. Abundance surrounds us.

Each one of us has the opportunity and responsibility to live our best life. Take advantage of the New Year to clarify what that means for you – and commit to taking steps to actually live it. What will your Word of the Year be?


PS. Read more about the value and process of choosing a word to focus on through these resources that I’ve found helpful:
• Create and Connect:
• Christine Kane:


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