Posted by: MarlaHB | November 14, 2012

Law of Attraction: Keeping the Doors of Opportunity Open

What’s that saying about when one door closes, another one opens? Well, it just happened for me.

Door closed:     sailing trip in Belize
Door opened:   house sitting in Baja California Sur

When I last wrote, I had just found out that the sailing for women trip I was hoping to take in Belize sold out (I was next on the wait list!). I could have let it get me down and feel sorry for myself (I admit that’s what I sometimes do), but I chose to accept and move on. I believe in the Law of Attraction. Sometimes I’m better at living it than others.

Then, out of the blue, about a week later, I received an offer. Travel to Mexico to take care of a property while the owner is away. It was completely unexpected and I was excited. Then my mind started whirling with a whole range of reasons why I should say no:

  • too short notice to get everything organized and just “take off”
  • safety concerns about being there alone and not speaking Spanish
  • a lot of fear-based “What if’s
  • parental guilt (she needs me – doesn’t she??)
  • spousal guilt (after all, he’s a busy guy and doesn’t need more responsibility than he already has)
  • am I capable of maintaining a rural, off-the-grid property?
  • maybe I should wait for another time that works better for everyone

Wait a minute! I took a breath – and a figurative step back – and reminded myself that the reason I’ve chosen to be a freelance writer is so that I have the freedom to go and do my work from anywhere. I love sun. I need warmth. Adventure is good for my soul. So I decided to accept and embrace the opportunity. After all, it’s not like these kinds of offers come my way often. Who knows what the Universe will present next if I keep the door open?

So, I soon head off to Todos Santos, “Pueblo Magico”. I’ve been there once and look forward to returning to this small village that has become a respite for artisans, surfers, and people wanting to embrace adventure while taking in the natural beauty surrounding the diverse community.

The take-away? Stay open to possibilities. Say yes first – figure out how to make it work second. Keep opportunities flowing. Live the life you want.


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