Posted by: MarlaHB | July 17, 2012

Here’s a Quick Way to Recognize Your Authentic Path

People spend a lot of time reading, thinking, and philosophizing about authenticity. I’m one of them. But it struck me today that there’s a quick way to know that you are on an authentic path (or at least to recognize what direction that path is). It’s simple. Things just show up on your radar – and touch you.

It has probably happened to you. You’re watching the news and a story stirs emotion in you. You get an email in your inbox that tells you exactly what you need to hear at that moment. You meet someone who inspires you, tapping into something within you that perhaps you have forgotten.

It will be a gut reaction – not a mental one. You will know if it is a sign of your authentic path if it seems to be speaking to you in a way that’s difficult to ignore. Maybe you have a hard time forgetting about it. Maybe it sparks new ideas that excite you. Maybe you feel energized to do something about it. Or talk to people about it. It will feel positive, energizing, hopeful, reassuring – and expanding.

In the last couple of days, two path markers showed up on my radar. They both touched me to the point of bringing on tears. They were tears of knowing; a reinforcement that I am on my authentic path. I’d like to share them with you. Perhaps they will touch you too.


Create & Connect: Inspiring Change through Creativity

I came across this inspiration while scanning the online universe. It was mindfulmimi’s tweet linking to a video of Neil Gaiman’s keynote address for the graduating class at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

Gaiman’s message spoke to the creator in me; to the freelance writer in me. “Make up your own rules.” “Be wise.” “Make good art.” What my soul heard when I watched this was, “It’s going to be alright. Keep going.” Freelancing is about facing rejection on a daily basis. Did I ever need to hear Gaiman’s message – especially on that particular day when I was feeling serious doubt.

Chris Guillebeau’s “The Art of Non-Conformity”

At some point, I came across this site and immediately felt at home. So I subscribed to the newsletter. There are many times when the information is interesting, but it doesn’t necessarily move me. Today, it was different.

I watched the video of Chris wrapping up his recent World Domination Summit and felt so drawn to this guy who is clearly humble and ordinary, yet extraordinary. I felt hope for the future and it was a reminder that small acts do make a difference.

Chris’ message of “Community, Adventure, and Service” spoke to me. I don’t want to do exactly what he does, but I know that what I admire in him also exists within me. Maybe it does in all of us. What my soul heard when I watched was, “You belong. What you are doing matters.”


So if you want to know how to recognize your authentic path in life, all you have to do is stay open and pay attention. The messages are there for you if you want to receive them. Then, you just have to take a step in that direction – even if you don’t know exactly where the path will end.

Where are your authentic path markers leading you??? What will it take for you to be willing to risk taking the next step??? Now take it!


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