Posted by: MarlaHB | March 31, 2009

Just let go…


Last week I tuned in to hear the Colette Baron-Reid show on Hay House Radio. The theme was about learning to recognize and work with the ebb and flow of life. In our need to constantly be “doing”, it’s also important to learn when to step back to prepare for the flow.

I have taken the step back to do my personal work to prepare. What I don’t know is when it will be time to catch the next wave…and what that wave actually looks like. It was a timely theme for me, so I decided to call in. Gratefully, I got through and asked Colette my question about a very impractical choice (my ego talking here) that I have been considering.

It was as if Colette knew just what I needed to hear to kick me into clarity. One of the things she told me was, “Reason has nothing to do with it. On a spiritual path, intuition means taking action against all odds.”

Hearing those words felt so good. I did know what my intuition was telling me. I just didn’t trust it.

She pulled some of her Wisdom of Avalon oracle cards for me…Lady of the Lake (absolute truth, courage, self-respect, responsibility), Swan (transformation, trusting the psychic gifts), and Bee (luck, industriousness, sweet victory). When she said to go for it – that my investment would come back to me tenfold – it reinforced what I already knew. So I started going full steam ahead with plans to make it happen.

Surprisingly, the first couple of attempts didn’t work out. I started to feel frustrated and impatient, doubting my decision. I began to think that maybe I wasn’t supposed to do it after all…otherwise it would have come together more smoothly.

Looking back now, I realize that the only problem was my need to control the situation. I had forgotten that the Universe works on its timeline – not mine!

After much stressing and depressing, considering back-up plans to the back-up plans and wasting much energy that could have been spent on experiencing joyful moments in the present, this morning it all came together. My desire became manifest.

My energy has shifted to total excitement yet calm. If I hadn’t been so stubborn and followed old patterns, my entire week could have felt that way.

It’s a great reminder to me that I should have taken the actions that were required to back up my intention – and then let it go – trusting that my heart’s desire would come to fruition if it was authentic, timely, and in the higher good of myself and others.

Patience. Trust. Intuition. Self-care. It’s obvious that I still find it easier to talk about this stuff than to live it.

In the words of my very wise younger sister via a consoling email during my self-designed mid-week turmoil,

Breathe! Surrender. What is supposed to be will be. Don’t grasp too tightly and try to control or force it – let go, be at ease with it. The universe knows what you are after and will provide the right circumstance to bring it to you in the best manner. This part could just be the initial stage, a seed, a teaser that steers you in the right direction toward something different that may be more authentic / right. Don’t be afraid of losing out, of missing the moment – see it as the seed to something more fantastic around the corner…relax and allow the Mystery to unfold!

Until next time, let go


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